#72 - #IsisMatters

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Twitter: @CommonSenseGear

1st Segment: Thanksgiving holiday schedule: no new episodes released on 11/26 or 11/27. Busy season for our other 2 businesses: Huff Promotional Strategies & Encapsulate. Because of this, we're recording early today. Black Lives Matter storms library. Battle of civilization vs Isis (and Islamic Terrorism). Isis makes a spectacle of their executions - limited only by their imaginations. Why did #BlackLivesMatter turn into socialism so quickly? Reality check for the protesting college kids & the Black Lives Matter crowd: we don't owe you anything. Grace & mercy - and how it applies to the college students making demands. College story. 

2nd Segment: A story from my college years (continued). Knowing how vs knowing why. The Black Lives Matter group stormed library at Dartmouth College - not our studio. Desire to be modern day Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King, Jr. "Distracted" by terror? Liberal policies exposed in Paris. Comparing Mizzou/Black Lives Matter & Isis threat. Who's acting like the racists? Syrian Refugees. 

3rd Segment: Half of US Governors want to refuse Syrian refugees entry into their states. Screening problems. Is Isis using Syrian refugees as a modern-day trojan horse? Paul Ryan wants to delay the refugee process. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley may be on the verge of dropping out of presidential race. Hillary is a woman - and a grandma. And The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders. Socialism. College students. Democrats/Socialists. Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. Rush Limbaugh's commentary on Salon.com interview regarding Isis. Insanity. Adults need to take control. Winning is not a slogan; it's a measurable objective and containers winners (gasp!) and losers (double-gasp!).