#73 - The World Is Burning

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Twitter: @CommonSenseGear

1st Segment: Paris Attacks. Litany of terrorist developments in aftermath. Eight (8) Syrians caught at Texas border. Isis video focusing on New York City released. CIA double agent expects Isis to try to attack US in the next few weeks. Terrorists place a high value symbolic dates & targets. The wheels are coming off the Obama Administration. Screening Syrians. Syrians arrested in Honduras. Warnings remind me of Benghazi. Governors refusing refugees, like Mike Pence. Disorder in government leads to big government solutions. 

2nd Segment: King Abdullah says we're on doorstep of World War III. Air France flights make unplanned landings. Are these incidents dry runs? Attempts to scare Americans? TSA fails 3 out of 4 tests. Isis brags on how it brought down Russian airliner. Boko Haram kills 32 in bomb attack in Nigeria. Turkey soccer fans chant "Allahu Akbar" during moment of silence for Paris victims. And in the shadow of all of this, Obama is demanded we blindly accept Syrian refugees. UN says 72% of refugees are men. And 8 Isis terrorists caught in Turkey posing as refugees. This exposes breakdown of Liberal policies. Mastermind?

3rd Segment: The world is unraveling, in large part, because of the Liberal policies we see from Obama, Democrats & others around the world. To each his own, but what happens when the extremists want to eliminate your life, liberty & pursuit of happiness. We may have created the vacuum in Iraq, but we didn't create the evil that filled it. Obama is acting deranged, insane & dangerous. American weakness, not strength, provokes Isis. We don't want 3-year olds from Syria? Huh? No negotiating with those who want your head on a stake. A few words about Bobby Jindal.