#74 - Congress, Obama, Refugees & Man Periods

Contact: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com
Twitter: @CommonSenseGear

1st Segment: Short week next week. No show released on Thursday or Friday. Things are 100% out-of-control. Article from The Hill. House defies Obama? How about Obama defies logic? Everything is political to the Left. What's so terrible about additional security? Terrorists posing as refugees is happening everywhere. Harry Reid's ridiculous remarks. The Left ignores all sorts of obvious warning signs. "The problem is not with refugees." Isis trying to get chemical & biological weapons. Analogies. 

2nd Segment: It's good to keep Isis out of America. But some members are already here. Isis strategy. Isis is completely evil. The idea that there is an extensive Syrian database is laughable. What do you vet refugees against? Bill de Blasio & the City of New York cannot even keep track of 4 Syrian refugees. Are you freaking kidding me?!

3rd Segment: New listeners around the United States & the world. Liberalism is a worldwide epidemic, and it needs to be stopped cold in it's tracks - regardless of where it is. Daily exposure to Common Sense. Obama veto. Adults need to take control & send the Liberal children to play in la-la land. Isis threatens White House. Should we just surrender to terrorists Leftists? Isis isn't citing water boarding, stupid videos or our use of the term "Islamic terrorists." Hillary defends Obama's description of Isis as "JV." Diplomatic solution in Syria. Pakistani & Afghani citizens caught trying to cross our border. Man periods