#61 - A Dangerous World

0:00 - Intro.
0:38 - Welcome. Colts game preview. Welcome to the State of Iowa! We now only need 5 states to reach all 50 states + DC. The 5 states we need to reach yet include:

  • Wyoming
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Mississippi
  • Delaware

2:38 - 'Death to America' Stands Despite Nuclear Deal. The Islamic Republic of Iran is absolutely insane. 
5:38 - Iranian Parliament apparently defends the nation's slogan: "Death to America." Also calls itself the 'martyr nurturing nation of Iran.' 
7:54 - Iranian President assures us this is just a statement against the US Government, not our people. Of course it isn't. Then we're told this chant is only for domestic political consumption
8:38 - Iran is one of our enemies. I mistakenly said Bush said Iran was in the Evil Empire. (Reagan called the USSR the 'Evil Empire.' Bush said Iran was in the Axis of Evil.)
9:00 - Many in the US claim this is not a religious war. Problem is, those on the other side believes they are engaged in a holy jihad against the West. 
11:01 - I oppose a lot that our government does, but I've never once chanted 'Death to America.'
11:50 - The backdrop of all of this is the stupid Iran Deal. 
12:32 - Why didn't we send Iran solar panels, wind turbines & Solyndra? 
13:42 - When Jihadi Joe & the other 41 Democrat Senators permit Obama to enter in to this stupid Iran Deal, this is exactly the sort of thing we should expect. 
15:42 - My voice is better than yesterday. 
17:08 - Iran sends a naval fleet to the Atlantic Ocean. The Chinese are sailing in/near American waters. The Russians are buzzing the USS Ronald Reagan with their Bear Bombers. Isis claims that it shot down a commercial airliner. The crazies are on the march, and all of this nonsense is made possible (or is in response to) American weakness.
20:08 - After 9/11, the world knew we (and Bush) meant business. 
21:56 - Jihadi Joe. 

23:25 - We are provocatively weak. And that is very dangerous. And Obama is mixing a dangerous cocktail here.
28:55 - The Big Government folks never rest. Case-in-point: a possible UN Court to establish 'climate justice.' Having less children supposedly good for the environment. (Of course, having none would be even better!) But there is more ice in Antarctica now. And now the Left even concedes (for the most part) that there is at least a pause in Global Warming. 
31:30 - Science isn't established by a vote. It's determined by inarguable evidence. 
32:50 - Conservatism requires that you use your own mind & common sense. 
33:30 - Hale-Bopp comet was found by 2 amateurs. The professional scientists didn't find it. And I think sometimes we give them too much authority over our lives. In fact, I'm sometimes reminded of the Tower of Babel when I think about our arrogance when it comes to what we think we know about science and the universe. 
35:10 - Al Gore told us the world was going to end in 10 years about 10 years ago.
36:30 - The Left doesn't try to persuade about climate change. They do what they are good at doing: they use force, humiliation, ridicule, etc.
38:52 - Each level of government (local, county, city, state, federal, world) gets less accountable and more powerful. 
40:38 - Wrap-up and outro.


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