#76 - Travel Warnings & Safe Spaces

1st Segment: Welcome to BowDagger - a new sponsor. Use coupon code ANTIDOTE to save $10 on the BowDagger. State Department warns US citizens about international travel. ISIS intelligence withheld? Administration more concerned with optics of a problem than with actually solving the problem, like Benghazi. We are witnessing the complete collapse of the Obama Administration. Obama legacy. British believe ISIS may be on the verge of getting ballistic missilesThe Antidote to Liberalism is a Conservative Christian's "safe space."

Use code ANTIDOTE during checkout to save $10 on the original   Bow Dagger  . 

Use code ANTIDOTE during checkout to save $10 on the original Bow Dagger


2nd Segment:Worldwide travel warning from State Department. Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio. Lessons from Paris Attacks include: (a) danger of open borders & (b) danger of gun-free zones. Terrorists exploit both. Europeans fear missile attack from jihadis. NRA's Wayne LaPierre called "Jihadi Wayne" by New York Daily News. But Jihadi Joe Donnelly is a much better analogy. My new AR-15 & a dear friend named Larry, who suffers from ALS. Fighting back against terrorism saves lives - like Flight 93 on 9/11. Why no solar & wind energy for Iran? 


3rd Segment: Short week this week. Tomorrow is last day of the week for new podcasts. No podcasts released on 11/26 or 11/27. We'll return 11/30. Clock kid, Ahmed Mohamed, wants $!5 million from school district and City of Irving, Texas. Obama was all-over this case & others like it, but where is he with our security? Yoga class suspended for being offensive. Hillary's missing yoga emails must have been culturally insensitive. Local pastor's wife murdered in Indiana. Irresponsible talk blaming the young, grieving husband.