#62 - Be a Conservative Story-Teller

0:00 - Intro.
0:37 - Welcome. A little whining about the Indianapolis Colts. Pep Hamilton (Offensive Coordinator for Colts) was fired yesterday.
3:11 - A personal story about my business & my family. My primary business is Huff Promotional Strategies. I also own a brand called Encapsulate. A little "inside baseball" on the business and a little about my family. 
7:38 - I want my kids to be little capitalist entrepreneurs.
8:26 - Conservatism has to be explained. There is a story behind it. By contrast, Liberalism is an emotional reaction. It isn't "thought through." Conservatism is simply a better way. 
9:47 - Conservatism teaches, first & foremost, that we must take care of ourselves. That doesn't mean we shouldn't give. But we aren't able to give if we aren't in a position to give.
10:14 - The Widow's Gift in the Bible. 
14:12 - We only have 5 states remaining before we will have been downloaded in all 50 states + DC. Here are the 5 states we still need to reach. It's my personal goal to do this before our 100th Day - which is November 17:

  1. Wyoming
  2. North Dakota
  3. South Dakota
  4. Mississippi 
  5. Delaware

15:38 - My 6-year-old son's questions about how business works kind of impressed me. 
16:38 - Conservatism & Christianity both have a story to tell. 
17:14 - Story of Joshua leading Israelites across Jordan River. Fascinating. 
17:52 - The American Story is important to tell to our children, too. And two vital parts of that are the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. 

19:22 - Rush Limbaugh tells the real story of Thanksgiving every year the day before Thanksgiving. Absolutely worth listening to this. 
21:37 - The government is not our boss because we are a government of, by and for the People. We are not subjects, but rather free people. 
22:29 - We don't need the government to tell us to help people in need.
22:55 - If non-profit organizations were as inefficient as the Federal Government at delivering services to those in need, they'd be shut down. 
23:50 - Tell the story. Live the story. 
26:12 - Why does America stand out from all other nations the world has ever known? 
28:10 - The biggest impact of anything in the history of the world is Christianity. But I maintain that Capitalism stands in 2nd place. 
28:32 - Don't confuse bad capitalists with Capitalism being bad. 
29:42 - Capitalism has created more prosperity & fed more people than anything in world history. 
30:53 - Conservatism struggles in a battle of soundbites because it is based on a deep story. 
32:19 - We need to do what we can to fix America's mess now, but we also need to equip our children so that they can continue fixing the problem when it's their turn to lead.

34:02 - Jeremiah 20:9
34:40 - America is the closet model to how God created us to live. 
35:24 - We're not better genetically than others. We just have a better foundation: The Declaration of Independence & Constitution. We may work harder than France - even if Jeb Bush feels inclined to apologize about that. 
36:27 - But Capitalism is under assault today - especially from the Democrat Party. And it is our job to share the beauty of Capitalism & our way of life with the next generation. 
37:20 - Wrap-up and outro. 


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