#63 - Conservative Progress, Liberal Lunacy & the Provocative Nature of Weakness

0:00 - Intro.
0:33 - Welcome. Thank you for your emails & feedback. It's hard to explain how hard it is to conduct a one-sided conversation every day. 
3:53 - The off-year election proved very successful for Conservatives & Republicans. Matt Bevin new Governor of Kentucky. He was predicted to lose (according to the polls) by about 5%. He ended up winning by 9%.
5:27 - Conducting polls in today's political landscape. 
6:40 - Houston Referendum voted down because it became an issue of men going into women's bathrooms. Ohio voted against legalized pot.Virginia has kept a Republican State Senate. It was a good day for Republicans & Conservatives.
8:26 - CNN frames the election as best they can for Democrats. Democrats care more about the appearance of an issue than actually fixing an issue. It's what happened at Benghazi. 
12:46 - The political mood of America right now is anti-Liberal, anti-politician and anti-Democrat.
15:10 - Robot sex experts. What's next in this crazy world?
17:33 - What is the most important thing in the world? God & people.
19:14 - Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) makes an argument against raising interest rates. These comments get tied to other legitimate Christian beliefs. It's truly unfortunate. 
22:24 - Congressman Hank Johnson worries about Guam tipping over in video below.

23:43 - I'm told by the Left that I often cannot invoke God's name, but it's ok for Mr. Sherman I suppose. 
26:16 - These sorts of comments get all mixed up with legitimate biblical interpretations. 
27:23 - Intelligence agencies now believe Isis brought down Russian airliner over Sinai Peninsula. 
29:44 - Still need our first listeners in these 5 states: Mississippi, Wyoming, Delaware, North Dakota & South Dakota. My goal is to reach all 50 states + DC by November 17 (our 100th day).
32:24 - Isis recruits people on social media. Some youth have gotten on planes in the US to fly to Syria and other places to fight alongside Isis. 

34:33 - Iranian Hostage Crisis: November 4, 1979 (36 years ago). More "Death to America" chants.
36:05 - The hostages were released January 20, 1981. This "coincidentally" was the same day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as our 40th President. They were literally put on an airplane to be flown home as Reagan was giving his inaugural address. 
37:57 - More aggressive military moves by China. More evidence to support my belief that our weakness is provocative. 
39:45 - Wrap-up & outro.


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