#64 - GOP, Bill of Rights & Climate Crimes

0:00 - Intro.
0:35 - Welcome. 
1:11 - Explanation of company name (Common Sense Gear, LLC) and the podcast name (The Antidote to Liberalism) - and how that affects our Twitter handle. 
2:01 - Contrasting Liberalism & Conservatism.
4:02 - Chris Christie & Mike Huckabee are not going to be in primetime debate next week. This puts 8 in the main debate; 4 in the second-tier debate; and 3 that will not be participating in either debate. General debate & Republican primary discussion. 
8:30 - Democrats remain in hiding. 
10:11 - Public Service Announcement for Hillary Clinton. And a brief review of the Republican field. 
14:38 - A new Bill of Rights...for Illegal Aliens. It's really a list of demands. 
18:01 - An autonomous nation sets immigration policy as it sees fit. And why is the onus to provide for immigrants on the country receiving them? Why not export free market principles to the countries that they are coming from? Why do we let people come here illegally & make demands on us? That's foolish. 
21:54 - Many Leftists want a new Bill of Rights that outline the things that the Federal Government is required to do for us. 
22:38 - Declaration of Independence & Constitution continuing narrative. 
28:35 - Our rights come from our Creator. And our Constitution is a written acknowledgment of our government to respect & protect that right for us. 

29:47 - God respects our free choice. In fact, He created us with free will. And that's why He gave us these rights. Government doesn't give or take these away; it only respects or tries to deny them. 
31:11 - Our freedoms don't require someone else to do anything else for us; they only recognize what we already have.
33:56 - The Illegal Alien Bill of Rights is essentially a list of demands. It is not a list of natural rights given by God. They are demanding others do something for them (pay for their education, provide medical care, etc).
35:22 - The only time a person other than myself is involved in my rights is my right to have an attorney. Other than that example, no one else needs to be involved in my exercise of any of the rights in the Bill of Rights. 
36:20 - There is no Constitutional Right to healthcare. 
37:42 - No time to talk about global warming, but Exxon Mobil being investigated for "climate crimes."
39:13 - Wrap-up & outro. 


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