#65 - Peyton Manning, Ben Carson & Donald Trump

0:00 - Intro. 
0:33 - Welcome. 100th day is next week (November 17). My goal is to get downloads in all 50 states + DC by November 17. Still need downloads in: Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi & Delaware. 
2:59 - Colts beat Broncos. Good turn to an otherwise agonizing season. 
5:10 - Peyton Manning is 3 yards away from breaking Brett Favre's record for all-time passing yards. A brief summary of the drama of this story. 
6:46 - The GOP & Conservatives should fight hard so that we don't come up so short (like Peyton). 
12:34 - GOP (and in particular, Conservatives) have come a long way - and I think we are the favorites to win in 2016. Our candidates are strong. Our ideas our winning. And we have momentum.  
14:55 - Wednesday is Veteran's Day. Let's recognize our veterans & troops this week. 
15:46 - America is possible because of the vision of the Founders. But it is because of our troops that we have been able to protect it against foreign forces. 
18:00 - "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 
19:14 - Politico's article claiming Ben Carson lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point.
20:25 - My experience with the academies. 
25:40 - Think what you will about Dr. Carson, but he is a very honest man with high levels of integrity. It is not in his character to make up things out of whole cloth. 

30:34 - Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Click here to watch the episode on NBC's website. 
The Washington Post criticized it, but I thought it was entertaining. And it had good ratings for SNL.
33:48 - These jokers act like Trump has delegitimized the presidency because of a performance like this. Seriously? Obama interviewed with the lady who ate cereal out of her bathtub. Check it out below:

36:01 - Obama can interview with GloZell and that's ok. But if Trump does self-deprecating humor on SNL, the honor of the Office of President has been forever diminished. Pure silliness on the part of the Left. Besides, Hillary Clinton just hosted SNL herself! 
37:56 - Wrap-up and outro. 


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