#86 - Christmas, Trump & Zombies

1st Segment: The beautiful Christmas season is upon us. Idiotic zombie nativity scene. No pleas to the community to avoid offending Christian community. Pamela Gellar. Double standard. This isn't clever; it's infantile. Mock him if you so choose, but the One born in the manger changed & saved the world. Christians haven't protested or threatened the knucklehead who set-up display. Donald Trump & banning Muslims is gaining a degree of support. Base of Trump's position is that America needs to be protected. Christianity declares an affirmative belief. Zombie display joker is only ridiculing that. Why are we so worried that moderate Muslims won't understand that we aren't picking a fight with them? Not all Muslims all terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims. 

2nd Segment: Trump. Immigration. Temporarily banning Muslims from entering the US. National Security. Trump supporters and issues that make Trump resonate. Trump interview with Bill O'Reilly. Trump has no political power & is getting more criticism than any other politician. Many voters are tired of America being blamed & Trump doesn't blame America. Third party candidates are not traditionally good for Republicans. Deciding on our holiday schedule. 

3rd Segment: Our objective on this podcast is to educate, entertain & energize Conservatives (with a special focus on Christianity). Audience is primarily American, but freedom is a universal & knows no bounds. Holidays can be very hard for many people. Conservatives help people freely; we don't need an inefficient government program. Young orphan girl who was arson victim just wants Christmas cards. Tough times don't last but tough people do.