#88 - It's Never About What It's Really About

1st Segment: Big sports weekend. Warriors, Weidman, Aldo lose. UFC. Conor McGregor. Anderson Silva. We don't do themed shows, but today's show all has a common thread: the issue is never about what the Left tells you it's about. The Christmas story is simply about a Middle Eastern family seeking refuge? Christmas isn't about a family (with all due respect to Mary & Joseph) but rather it's about the Messiah. God in the Flesh. Jesus. Emanuel. Big Government made the family go to Bethlehem in the first place. Government causing the problem...again. 

2nd Segment: Last full week of podcast this year. New episodes this week & on 12/21, 12/22 & 12/23. We will return with new episodes 1/4/16. Christmas gifts on Audible.com or BowDagger.com. Use code ANTIDOTE for $10 discount on BowDagger. More on difference between Christmas story & Syrian refugees. Government is not charity. Mary & Joseph were not suspected jihadists. Tashfeen Malik social media post before coming to US. My experience with HR vs social media. Jihadi mindset creates death. Donald Trump piñata at a anti-hate rally. Uh-huh. Trump piñata beheaded. What would Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley piñata look like? 

3rd Segment: Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3s or B-Dubs where I'm from) & signs banning guns on their stores. Criminals & the path of least resistance. Be against terrorists getting into our country, not guns. Are they losing customers over this? Local restaurant business booms for giving a discount for those with concealed carry permits. People understand the difference between good people with guns and criminals/terrorists with guns. Too much sleep. Better curse word vocabulary = better overall vocabulary? Huh? Common Sense needs to return to pop culture. Glorifying sin?