#89 - The Left Ignores Reality

1st Segment: Turns out what we said yesterday about social media policy was spot-on right: our officials weren't authorized to review it for visa applicants. PR is a bigger concern to Obama than National Security. Privacy & information in the public domain. We are sticking our head in the sand. We can't have Obama embarrassed. The way this Administration handles National Security is truly outrageous. Senator Chuck Schumer is outraged by this policy. Typical response from the Left. Jihadi Joe & Iran as an example. What is DHS truly doing to protect us?

2nd Segment: Christmas is only 10 days away. Paris airports revoke security clearance for about 70 individuals. Left will wonder if this will inspire more terrorism. Guantanamo Bay. Were these folks fired or did they just lose security clearance? Public correctness has taken victims in War on Terror. Reconciling See Something, Say Something campaign with "racial profiling." Clinton-run State Department. A video to blame here? Show info. Iranians sharing photos on mobile apps. Iran described as "morally conservative." Sharia Law. Morality comes from the Nature of God. Totalitarian nature of Iran has much more in common with Big Government Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Progressives, etc. Conservatism is about the power of the individual, not accumulating government power.   

3rd Segment: Happy 35th birthday to my brother. Freddie Gray. First jury deliberations. Unlikely the #BlackLivesMatter crowd will get the results they desire in all the cases concerning Freddie Gray. Then what? Obama is highly divisive. Law enforcement needs to protect people, private property, businesses, etc. Mob rule.