#91 - Out of Control

1st Segment: Things are completely out of control. Terrorism. Refugees. Gun control. Venezuela. Big government causes problems everywhere by taking away freedom, enforcing gun control & implementing universal healthcare. Lose an election? No problem - just establish a new parliament. Don't tell Big Government you won't follow their rules. Blatant. Thailand king & his dog. 37 year sentence. Obama & his dog Bo. Soda Pop, Obama & Gun Control. 

2nd Segment: Doggie ridicule. Defenders of Big Government should never be elected to any public office. Founders sought to protect American citizens from this sort of Big Government nonsense. Boston Tea Party anniversary. Our Constitutional Republic is the form of government that best reflects the way that God created man to live. Obama's coming Executive Order on guns. Role of President vs Role of Congress. Executive Orders are legitimate if they are given to help enforce duly-passed legislation. Executive Orders: quantity vs content. Hypothetical example. We have a God-given right to protect ourselves - with guns. 

3rd Segment: Only 4 more shows in 2015. Iowa Caucus coming soon. Congress' new spending & tax package. Yale students sign petition to repeal First Amendment. Free speech, safe spaces & spoiled brats. Spend a day in a Conservative's shoes Libs! I didn't seek a safe space in DC. A challenging environment is a good educational environment. Complicit Congress. Political fights are necessary for Conservative victory. Dangerous times & dangerous ideas from the Left.