#92 - An Honest Analysis

1st Segment: Democrats have been sighted! Set your DVR for the exciting Democrat debate tomorrow. On a Saturday night. I'd hide them too. Hillary Clinton. Jim Webb was a writer for the TV show Rules of Engagement. Two old white guys & a Clinton. Facts. NBA. Chris Matthews. Remove emotion & accept facts.

2nd Segment: Defining terrorism. Political ideology & terrorism. The difference between crime (even violent crime) and terrorism. Terrorism targets all of us. The mission of terrorists. Coercion requires an ideological base. Why commit terrorist acts if you don't have an ideology? Is terrorism even possible without an accompanying ideology? Terrorists must have strong religious beliefs because they are willing to face the end of life & the afterlife. What if they believe they enter paradise because of their terroristic act?

3rd Segment: Are most terrorists Muslims? Some argue no. Fort Hood. San Bernardino. Chattanooga. Boston Marathon bombing. Beheading in Oklahoma. Lone gunman is different than terrorism. Sharia Law. Foreign terror groups. This list of groups only makes sense if terror groups are predominantly Islamic. Terrorist organization is required after an act of terror is committed or a government will face no coercion. True terrorism needs a group or a nation-state to support it's mission.