#81 - San Bernardino

1st Segment: Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley has the San Bernardino shooting figured out by implicating the NRA. Was San Bernardino terrorism? Counter-terrorism experts. FLASHBACK: New York Post article about Jihadi Wayne LaPierre. Our parody song for Jihadi Joe Donnelly is better though. Good vs Evil. Why blame the good guys, Martin O'Malley? Moral relativism. Good people with guns stopped the killers in San Bernardino - just like it does every time. 

2nd Segment: San Bernardino shooting is quite possibly a terrorist attack. We still don't have all the information, but we know it's not the NRA's fault. Megyn Kelly interview with Leftist who says that the best defense against a gun attack is items like coffee mugs. Lunacy. Police come to the scene with guns, not rubber bands on their fingers. San Bernardino police chase on video. Columbine was last time multiple shooters were involved in US. San Bernardino has a good probability of being terrorism. Southern border & terrorism threat. Middle East & terrorism. Democrats have put us in danger by not securing southern border. Establishment Republicans are also complicit on border security. Conservative issues are not talking points. 

3rd Segment: FBI hasn't ruled out terrorism yet; seems to suggest they expect to announce it is terror related. Other news to end on a less serious note. Los Angeles' plan to cut back on prostitution