#93 - Christianity & Islam (Part 1)

1st Segment: Short week. New episodes today, tomorrow & Wednesday. New episodes return January 4. Colts. Panthers vs Giants. Josh Norman vs Odell Beckham Jr street fight during the game. NFL. The Democrat Debate/Sideshow was this weekend. Democrats are all-in on Hillary Clinton. New York Times finally understands Democrats are hiding their candidates. Hillary late returning to stage. Bush memes. 

2nd Segment: Bernie Sanders' campaign & Clinton campaign's data. Paul Ryan Leadership. Hillary doesn't fear Bernie - but she doesn't want stories about sensitive data being in the headlines. Can anyone say secret email servers? Benghazi? New York Times edits Obama comments. Islam & Christianity. Religious truth claims. Free to make religious decisions independently of coercion or government force. Koran & Bible. Josh McDowell & the Uniqueness of the Bible. The intersection of the 3 faiths & the impact of that on current events. 

3rd Segment: Josh McDowell & The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Uniqueness of the Bible. The Bible tells a single unfolding story: God's redemption of people. The central character of the Bible, from beginning to end, is Jesus Christ. The Jewish Seder meal. The details of God's unfolding story are incredible. Abraham, Isaac & Ishmael.