#94 - Christianity & Islam (Part 2)

1st Segment: Hillary blames yet another video. Trump. ISIS. Our holiday schedule: only 1 more new episode for 2015. Blaming Bush turns into blaming Trump. The Left doesn't want to solve problems; they want to promise how they can solve it in the future, if elected. How does Obama allow a guy with no political power to have more influence than him? Is a temporary ban of Muslim entry into the United States really that offensive to moderate Muslims? Those targeting us with terrorism are almost all Muslim. Lindsey Graham. Christianity is mocked all the time with no organized violent response. 

2nd Segment: Hark! the Herald. Christmas music. Review of the uniqueness of the Bible. Josh McDowell. The single unfolding story of the Bible introducing us to God Himself, ultimately through Jesus Christ. Claims that Jesus was a Muslim or that terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Jobs for terrorists. Mohammad & the Qur'an. Jesus is claimed as a prophet in Islam, but not the Son of God. Abraham, Sarah & Isaac. Abraham, Hagar & Ishmael. Mount Moriah. The Jewish Temple. The Dome of the Rock (Al-Asqa Mosque). 

3rd Segment: Contrasting Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Muslims believe Mohammad is fulfillment of the New Testament of the Bible just as Christians believe Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures. Lee Strobel's Case for Christ. Prophecies. Muslim claims to New Testament prophecies of Mohammad. Old Testament prophecies of Jesus. The Islam concept of one god excludes the Christian concept of the Trinity. Violence in the Qur'an. The biggest recruitment tool for ISIS isn't Trump statements. It's persuading Muslims to Islamic Jihad. The Caliphate. Sharia Law. Terrorism is based in an interpretation of Islam, and it is religiously motivated for them.