#95 - Merry Christmas!

1st Segment: Today is the last podcast of 2015. We will be taking off until January 4, 2016. Special thank you to our audience for listening in 2015. Today is a perfect day for the Obama Administration to announce something they really don't want us to know. Economy - 10th straight year of less than 3% GDP. Revised GDP numbers - again. Slow economic growth is what you get when you have Big Government. Iran Deal update. GI Joe. 

2nd Segment: Jihadi Joe. Iran Deal. Obama Warns: Crackdown on Terrorism in US Would Violate Iran Deal. Legislation we are told that was designed to prevent war is now making us more vulnerable to terrorism. Democrats are speak more highly of Iranians than Republicans. We may be the ones to violate the Iran Deal? Of course! Haha! My Christian testimony. 

3rd Segment: The Christmas story & God's redemption. The Fall of Man. The punishment for sinning. Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. Joseph. Slavery. Egypt. Famine. Israelite slavery. Moses. Deliverance. The Ten Commandments. Joshua. The Promised Land. The Kingdom. Looking forward to the Messiah. Exile. Captivity. Return. Prophets. Awaiting the Messiah. The Romans. The legalistic Jewish leaders. Lack of Freedom. Silence. Jesus is born. Sinless perfection. Teaching. Preaching. Miracles. Crowds. Tension with leaders. Trial. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Early Church. Spreading the Gospel. Our chance to believe.