#82 - So It Was Jihad

First Segment: Christmas is only 3 weeks away. San Bernardino now known to be terrorism. Act of war waged on the American way of life. Terrorists used GoPro cameras. Mental health issues or pure evil? Left framing this as gun control issue. California gun laws. Legal gun purchases. Islamofascism & women's rights. Role of political correctness. Consequences of moral relativism. Hillary Clinton just figured out this may be related to terrorism. 

Second Segment: Obama recently said no imminent threat of terrorism just days ago. Illegal explosives used in Paris and San Bernardino. New York Post mocks prayers. Jihadists are fighting a religious war. One shooting victim was a Messianic Jew who may have evangelized shooter, according to his widow. Left says this is not about religion, but rather gun control. Terrorists use more than guns to kill: knives, water, fire, bombs, airplanes, swords, tanks, cars. Background checks would have done nothing to prevent this. 

3rd Segment: Sheriffs & politicians nationwide encourage citizens to legally carry guns to protect themselves (Detroit, Arizona, New York, for example) . You are your own first & best line of defense. Where is the talk to make tougher bomb laws? We're called Climate Deniers, but the Left are the ones who deny reality. If you cannot identify the problem, you cannot identify the solution. Until Left clearly states that the threat we face is Islamic Terrorism/Extemism, they'll never offer a real solutions. The Left's animosity toward God.