#83 - Pearl Harbor Remembered

1st SegmentThe greatness of the American Way. Pearl Harbor remembered. The American sacrifice needed to win World War II. Recording early today. Colts/Steelers game. Christmas lights. Obama's speech. Terrorism & ISIS. Comparing & contrasting Obama's & FDR's leadership. Loretta Lynch's concern about backlash against Muslims. What about jiahd's frontlash? 

2nd Segment: Impact of Pearl Harbor attack. Wikipedia versus Encyclopedia Brittanica. Death toll at Pearl Harbor comparable to 9/11. Tension with Japan prior to Pearl Harbor. Talks & embargoes. Similarities between today & WWII. Kamikaze pilots. Worldwide Islamic Caliphate. 

3rd Segment: We didn't want to be involved in WWII. FDR speech the day after Pearl Harbor vs. Obama's response to ISIS. Hillary Clinton claims to have communicated with Eleanor Roosevelt in White House. FDR blamed Japan, not us. Loretta Lynch's biggest concern. FDR called Japan liars; Obama tries to blame us for our enemies' actions. Talks didn't work for FDR. Similarity to Iran talks. FDR made the seriousness clear. FDR connects the dots easily - the very next day - something it now takes us a long time to do because of political pressures. FDR attacked the character of Japan for this attack. Contrast with Obama's Syrian refugee policies. FDR promised "absolute victory" - compared with Obama calling winning a slogan. FDR promises to permanently remove the threat of Japan. FDR: "So help me God." So much for separation of church & state.