#84 - Trump, Terrorists & Islam

1st Segment: Christmas is only 2-1/2 weeks away. Pearl Harbor episode yesterday. Colts got demolished. NFL. Obama's speech: predictable. Donald Trump wants to temporarily keep all foreign Muslims out of America. What Trump is saying. Common thread of radical Islam in terrorist attacks. Hillary Clinton refuses to say Islamic extremism. Hillary's ad with gays kissing. The Superficial Left refuses to acknowledge that almost all terrorists are Muslims. Voting for Obama because of race. The Left has no problem jumping to conclusions if they can blame Red states & Conservatives. 

2nd Segment: Everything is skin deep with Democrats. There are only general rights for all people; not rights for subgroups of people. Guns. ISIS kills through a variety of ways - with or without guns. Self-defense. All Muslims are not terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslim. If we cannot determine which Muslims are dangerous, should we just cross our fingers? The Left looks at the issue of terrorism flippantly. Christian terrorists? More scrutiny on Trump than Obama - and Trump has no political power!

3rd Segment: Iran violates UN Resolution by firing ballistic missile. Missile can be outfitted with nuclear warhead. Missile's range is 1,200 miles. Both Jerusalem & Tel Aviv are approximately 1,000 miles from Tehran. Jihadi Joe Donnelly. Conservatism is more threatening to the Left than Islamic Jihad.