#85 - The Total Failure of Obama & Liberalism

1st Segment: The wheels have come off Liberalism. Flashback to the political magic of Obama in 2008. Barack Obama's "This Was the Momentspeech. Are things any better? Are we any safer? Have we made strides forward since 2008? But 2008 wasn't the moment that made things better. In fact, they're much worse. Care for the sick? Good jobs for the jobless? A healing planet? An end of war? Remaking this great nation? 

2nd Segment: Pacers v Warriors basketball game. Excellence in sports. John Wooden. Anderson Silva. Usain Bolt. Tom Brady. Watching greatness on display. Talking versus delivering. Promises of hope & change. We are not safer under Obama; in fact, we are endangered greatly because of his unwillingness to take obvious steps to protect Americans. Tragic murder of sleeping 6 year old in Indiana. Obama is the embodiment of Liberalism. Many voters have never seen Conservatism on display. Communism's benevolent dictator. 

3rd Segment: George W Bush was not a true Conservative. Electing a moderate that people consider a Conservative is more dangerous in the long term than electing an authentic Conservative. Liberals prefer having an issue to run on more than a solution to the issue. Global Jihad. Terrorism. Carbon emissions stall - but Left still wrings it's hands about this phony problem. Human Nature & a "more perfect Union" instead of a "perfect Union."