Today's Show Notes

Below today's show notes - along with links to articles discussed (and video in some cases). The time on the left shows the approximate starting point for each item listed. Links to listen to the show are listed below. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Common Sense Community!

0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Welcome
1:06 - Format change (interview to come later in show)
2:00 - Carly Fiorina to be featured in 2nd Republican debate
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6:12 - Dow falls 470 points
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6:17 - Canada is officially in a recession.
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6:24 - Another law enforcement officer killed.
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6:30 - Iran Deal update
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8:37 - List of which Senators will support Obama's Iran Treaty. 
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8:47 - Senator Joe Donnelly to support Iranian Treaty. 

10:21 - Senators up for re-election in 2016.
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11:20 - Iranian Treaty or War? 
11:36 - Early Alaskan Snowstorm
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14:49 - Introduction of our guest, Brad Justus, President & Founder of Jarbo

As owner and director of operations, Brad runs the agency and also puts his 25+ years of strategy, marketing, design and operations experience working on client projects.

Prior to Jarbo, Brad was the operations director for a national healthcare marketing agency, a systems administrator and design department manager for a regional ad agency, and a graphic designer for Sony.

Brad is a husband and the father of four children. He is an avid outdoorsman, a long-suffering Chicago Bears fan, a high school and little league football coach, and a Sunday school teacher. Brad was stationed for several years in Germany with the U.S. Army during the Cold War and Desert Storm.

17:09 - Interview
34:03 - Wrap-up

34:54 - Tell us what you think about the interview.
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