Show Notes - Episode #25

Below today's show notes - along with links to articles discussed (and video in some cases). The time on the left shows the approximate starting point for each item listed. Links to listen to the show are listed below. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Common Sense Community!

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0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Welcome to Episode #25
0:51 - Hillary doing the "Whip & Nae-Nae"


2:21 - Hillary's "I Did Nothing Wrong" Apology
2:49 - Hillary wants to get into the "real issues" of the political discourse. Uh-huh. Watch the interview below.


4:32 - Let's replace the election process with a dance-off. 
6:20 - Who on earth is Hillary's dance appealing to?
7:20 - According to this article, there was a backlash from a number of black Twitter users. 
8:26 - If Hillary wants to be successful, she needs to be quiet. 
8:54 - Bernie Sanders leads Hillary big in New Hampshire. Read more. 
9:57 - NFL opening weekend. Much of what we were told by the experts turned out not to happen - as usual.
10:53 - The experts don't know. This is why they play the game. 
12:02 - The underdog wins sometimes. In fact, it almost happened this weekend when Auburn played Jacksonville State. Read more. 
15:20 - We can compare sports "experts" & political "experts": both can be wrong, sometimes often. 
16:01 - Who cares what the "experts" say? Our job is to keep our head down and win the battle for conservatism one battle at a time. 
17:47 - We have no impact on the outcome of an NFL game - unless we play or coach. But we can impact political elections - if we participate & influence. 
20:30 - Heritage Action for America Sentinel Program. Learn More. 
21:02 - The Left has a powerful group of coorindated grassroots activists. (Consider Obama for America, which is now Organizing for Action.)
22:35 - Heritage Action for America is creating a grassroots team of Conservatives.
23:35 - Meeting this week in Greenville, South Carolina, and 12 Republican presidential candidates will be speaking: Donald Trump; Ben Carson; Jeb Bush; Ted Cruz; Marco Rubio; Carly Fiorina; Scott Walker; Chris Christie; Rand Paul; Rick Santorum; Rick Perry; and Bobby Jindal.
26:30 - Heritage hosted an event in Indianapolis in the late summer/early fall of 2013.
26:47 - Rafael Cruz spoke at our event. I don't have video of the speech I saw, but this video (below) is close to what I remember him saying at the event I attended. 


28:03 - I spoke with one of our US Congressmen at the event. 
29:23 - "You guys didn't support us in the last election."  - Current US Congressman (Republican) to me at the meeting
32:51 - Rick Perry suspends campaign. Read more. 
33:05 - Wrap-up

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