Show Notes - Episode #26

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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Welcome to Episode #26
0:55 - I will be attending the Heritage Action for America Sentinel meeting, so our show format will be slightly different on Friday (and perhaps Thursday).
1:33 - Economic Freedom List. See report from Fraser Institute. Or read the Washington Examiner article. 
3:30 - The United States ranks 16th in the current list. 
5:47 - We have a leadership problem. 
5:57 - All types of freedom matter: religious, gun, assembly, speech, association, economic, etc. 
7:17 - Miss Alabama was asked a question by Taya Kyle at Miss America Pageant. 

7:56 - Taya Kyle is Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who was the subject of the hit movie American Sniper (shown on right). If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!
9:35 - This question has actually been kicked around quite frequently: Why is Donald Trump leading?
11:52 - Miss Alabama's response is as good as most of the pundits' answers.

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Get your FREE audio book with Audible. What do you have to lose?

14:10 - Common refrain is that "Trump is an entertainer." He is definitely entertaining, but Hillary is as equally boring. 
14:53 - Trump says, "Isn't it refreshing not to see a teleprompter" when addressing audience in Dallas. 
15:26 - Spontaneity is not rehearsing at all. It's knowing what you believe & then passionately explaining it extemporaneously. 
16:48 - Michael Smerconish says Hillary wants to move into policy issues, her supposed area of expertise. Really?
17:40 - Hillary wants to do the "Whip & Nae-Nae" & have praise bands sing her worship. 
18:18 - Ellen Degeneres fawned all over Hillary during their "interview."
18:40 - The last thing Hillary Clinton wants is a substantive debate.
19:42 - Look at the War on Poverty. See Heritage Foundation research. 
20:46 - Most American millionaires are first-generation millionaires. 


22:12 - But Trump is leading for other reasons than his being a showman or because of Anti-Washington sentiments. His immigration policy & his anti-PC, anti-establishment-DC style are what make him so appealing to many. 
24:40 - Republicans in DC lose battles because they don't even begin the fight. 
27:00 - Syrian Refugee crisis. Many (75-80%) are males of military age. Read more. 
27:42 - The Syrian Refugee problem isn't due to socio-economic problems. It's because of evil dictators & jihadists. Read more. Or see full interview with Pope (translated). 
28:57 - Obama is bringing 10,000 Syrian Refugees to US. Read more. 
29:02 - Ben Carson cautions us about bringing terrorists in with the refugees. Read more. 
29:25 - Al-Qaeda leader calls for lone-wolf attacks in US. Read more. 
32:07 - If we're not sure who we're allowing into our country, we shouldn't be bringing them in. 
32:20 - We didn't create Isis or al-Qaeda. We may have left a void in Iraq when we withdrew our troops, but we didn't plant the seed for these groups. 
35:43 - If Obama cares about the safety of America, he must figure out who is in the group of Syrian Refugees he's bringing to America. 
36:07 - Wrap-up. 
36:22 - Outro

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