#28 - Republican Presidential Debate

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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Welcome
0:53 - Kudos to CNN for doing a good job and letting the candidates talk more than the moderators. I think they did a better job than Fox.
3:25 - I will be attending the Heritage Action for America Sentinel Meeting this weekend, and I will be traveling tomorrow. This will be an abbreviated episode & there will be no Daily Dose today.
5:09 - Well done, CNN. But I didn't realize it was a 3-hour debate! 
5:44 - There were many strong candidates - but it was a marathon, so some candidates were strong at some points & not so much at other points. 
6:43 - Carly Fiorina did a great job. She excelled at demonstrating knowledge of worldwide events. 
8:11 - Marco Rubio did very well. For those who look for a statesman, he fits the bill. 
8:44 - Ted Cruz was strong. I loved his closing remarks: "I will kill terrorists. I will repeal Obamacare. And I will restore the Constitution."
11:58 - I want to hear your thoughts on who did (and didn't) do well. Email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com; tweet me; or share on our Facebook page
13:43 - Mike Huckabee did a solid job. He articulated the First Amendment & the Supreme Court's Constitutional role in our government very well. 
14:52 - Scott Walker had moments of strength, but he vanished at moments. 
15:35 - Jeb Bush looked intimidated by Trump & didn't do well at all. He should not be our nominee, but if he wins, I will absolutely support him against the Democrat nominee. He's weak. He's professorial. He's the embodiment of what people think is wrong with politicians. 
18:00 - Donald Trump had his moments. I think those who have decided he is an embarrassment to the Party were validated in their belief, but I think those who think he is the antidote for what is wrong in DC continue to think so. He didn't really "win" in my estimation, but I don't see him taking a hit either - and I expect to see him polling very well after the debate. 
18:51 - John Kasich sounds too much like a Democrat to me, but I did agree with some of what he said. I don't see him as a truly strong, conservative candidate. 
19:35 - Ben Carson did a lot of potential damage to himself. He seemed to support raising the minimum wage. It sounds like he is in favor of some sort of amnesty for illegal aliens. He is a sincerely devout Christian (in my opinion), and I think he has great values. But I wonder if he comes across as too weak. But he had a few good moments. 
23:20 - Still waiting (with eager anticipation) for the Democrats to host their first debate & show the world the brilliance of their candidates...
24:15 - I was a huge fan of Chris Christie when he first hit the national scene a few years ago. He's not right on manmade climate change, but I still think Christie did relatively well. 
26:51 - Rand Paul is a Libertarian & Bill of Rights supporter. He believes in small government & liberty. But I don't think he's a very likeable guy. He was more likeable tonight than in the first debate, but he still was less than to be desired. 
27:44 - Summary of my thoughts. 
28:20 - What did you think? Email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com. Tweet me (@CommonSenseGear). Share on Facebook (Facebook.com/CommonSenseGear). 
28:40 - Wrap-up. (No Daily Dose today.)