#30 - Heritage Action Forum Experience

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0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Welcome
0:50 - Still waiting for Democrats to be comfortable enough with their candidates to let us see them.
1:03 - Heritage Action Forum this weekend. Check it out. 
2:01 - Thank you for helping our podcast continue to grow! Check out more behind-the-scenes information here. 
3:05 - It was an absolutely fantastic weekend with Heritage Action for America. 
3:33 - I really regret that Donald Trump was unable to speak at the event this weekend. 
4:03 - Review of event. 
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11:47 - Heritage Action Presidential Forum Overview

  • Jeb Bush
  • Scott Walker
  • Ben Carson
  • Ted Cruz
  • Rick Santorum
  • Marco Rubio
  • Rand Paul
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Bobby Jindal
  • Chris Christie
  • Rick Perry - canceled after dropping out of race
  • Donald Trump - canceled because of a business conflict

12:59 - My thoughts about the presidential forum
15:21 - We got more from this than anyone ever got from Hillary Clinton. It wasn't full of gotcha questions. And it didn't seek to pit the candidates against one another. It sought to questions candidates on their positions & policies. 
16:12 - In my opinion, the biggest surprise of the night was Bobby Jindal.
17:30 - Bobby Jindal needs to get on the main debate stage somehow. 
18:04 - Ted Cruz was also phenomenal. I'm amazed that he doesn't poll higher. (See latest poll of Republican nominees.)
19:30 - What I heard another couple say about Ted Cruz's believability. This is not my take, but I wonder how many people think this.
21:50 - I was also quite impressed by Scott Walker. He's better in this setting than the debate format.
22:56 - Carly Fiorina was also very impressive. She has a laser-like focus on attacking Hillary's problems. 
24:10 - There were others who did a solid/very good job, too.
27:01 - There is a group of Republican candidates that discussed governing in a way that I think is harmful to America & Conservatism. 
27:54 - Sometimes, Republican is more synonymous with Democrat than it is with Conservative.
28:30 - We've not had a principled Conservative on presidential ballot (general election) in a long time. 
29:40 - "We can manage it better than the Democrats" really makes me bristle up. 
30:08 - As a Conservative, our candidates' plans should include ways to take most things out of DC and put them where they rightfully belong
31:03 - The starting point should be liberty, Constitution, 10th Amendment, Bill of Rights, etc.
32:08 - If we don't nominate a Conservative, our base will not come out and Conservatives will still get blamed when the LIberal solutions are implemented because the media believes Republican & Conservative are synonymous.
32:50 - The people who attended this event inspire hope & restore faith in the American voter. 
34:37 - How does a Democrat from San Francisco end up at a Heritage event? 
36:07 - There is much for Conservatives to be encouraged about. 
37:07 - If you get pessimistic about the future of America, this group of people would have energized you and given you hope. 
37:55 - Wrap-up.
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