#32 - Political Games, Abortion & Stupid Liberal Headlines

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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Welcome. I'm too old for basketball.
1:35 - Today is the first day of Fall. I thought that happened 2 days ago!
1:59 - I really want to hear from you, the listener. Let me know if you have questions or want to have a topic discussed. You can email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com; tweet us @CommonSenseGear; or go to our Facebook page. 
2:25 - I encourage you to start a free Twitter account if you haven't done this already. #ConservativesUnite
4:40 - Does being Pro-Life personally but supporting Pro-Choice policies make any sense?
6:14 - Joe Biden begins that life begins at conception, but he is Pro-Choice. Read more. 
7:21 - If you (or someone you know) have gone through an abortion, this Pro-Life talk is not about beating you up or hashing up old feelings. Nothing can be done about that. 
7:42 - As a Christian, I serve a God who is graceful, merciful & able to help you heal. 
8:38 - Joe Biden is correct: Life begins at conception. But based upon this true premise, his conclusion & policy is illogical. 
9:52 - When I was in school, the Left used the term viability to explain why we could abort a human life. But is a newborn baby "viable" to survive on it's own? No. 
11:45 - This is an irreconcilable position. A life needs protection. Period. 
14:15 - If we found a single-celled organism on another planet, scientists would excitedly tell us that life exists outside of earth. As well they should. But, for some reason, life doesn't matter if it's inside the womb.
15:01 - Senate Democrats blocked the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Read more and see how your Senator voted. 
15:55 - Brief explanation of cloture in Senate. 
16:42 - Joe Donnelly (one of my Senators) helped Obama with the Iran Treaty.
18:25 - My state (Indiana) is still a relatively conservative state.
18:31 - This bill sought to stop abortions after 20 weeks. 
18:44 - Babies respond to pain at 20 weeks. Read this. 
20:29 - Indiana voters: Do not be tricked by Joe Donnelly. He is a Liberal. 
21:38 - If you're really Pro-Life, and if you really believe life begins at conception, and if you see that babies feel pain at 20 weeks - you should be screaming from the mountain tops about this.
22:33 - The Senate needs to do it's job - regardless of what Obama does or doesn't do. 
26:02 - Is Hillary Clinton's health a concern if she's President. According to a new book, the answer seems to be "yes." Read more. 
27:36 - The study results are in - and we know you've been anxiously awaiting them: more people die from selfies than sharks. Read more. 
30:07 - Buyers of robots have to sign contract promising not to use it for sex. Read more. 
32:56 - No word yet if the Supreme Court has found the Constitutional Right to human/robot marriages in the Constitution. Or, for that matter, in foreign law. 
33:32 - Most recent presidential polls. See polls. 
35:02 - "Don't Know/Other" is in 3rd Place in the Democrat Party. 
36:40 - Wrap-up. Please remember to rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!

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