#33 - The Pope, His Agenda & The Dalai Lama

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0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - Welcome
0:47 - Send me comments or questions, email me at Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com; send us a Facebook message; or tweet us
1:31 - The Pope is in the United States. 
2:00 - Some of the Pope's policy positions are against free market capitalism & conservatism. 
3:22 - The Left & the Media tell us the Pope is coming here to scold us on the economy, global warming & illegal immigration. 
3:58 - The Pope says his primary reason for coming to the United States is because of Pro-Life
issues. Read more in the National Review. 
5:20 - What's the Left to do here?
5:47 - Carly Fiorina's recent ad attacking Planned Parenthood butchery. Good for you, Carly! Click here to read more and see the ad. 
6:48 - If you think Planned Parenthood provides women's healthcare, try to schedule a mammogram there. Read more. 
8:00 - The issue with Planned Parenthood's baby butcher speaks to the character of America - says Carly Fiorina. (And she's right.)
8:45 - More on the Pope's visit. 
12:59 - "Pope of the poor" denies he is a liberal. Read more. 
15:15 - The Pope is a religious leader, not a political leader. 
16:20 - Capitalism actually brought an end to more poverty and delivered more prosperity than anything the world has ever known.
16:30 - Discussion on the power of Capitalism & Prosperity. 
17:25 - Governments manage degrees of poverty; Capitalism teaches how to be prosperous.
18:13 - Isn't it ironic that the Pope criticizes our financial system (Capitalism) but still instructs us to take care of the poor? After all, Capitalism is what makes taking care of the poor possible.
19:41 - We can't be giving away anything if we're not prosperous. 
19:58 - Why is it always our responsibility to take care of everyone in the world? What about their own countries? 
20:06 - There are a lot of people who aren't refugees from Syria who are moving into Europe to politically take over countries for Islam. Take a look at this video of the "refugees"...


21:35 - The problem isn't Europe or the United States; the problem is the insane rulers and governments in these unstable regions.
22:37 - What we need to do is export Capitalism & Freedom. Not just take everyone in - because we can't possibly take care of the entire world. 
24:38 - Syracuse University bans "kiss-cam." Read more. 
27:37 - The kiss-cam gets pulled down after one letter from one random guy. I think we should lobby this guy to write a letter to Congress & the Administration to defund Planned Parenthood.
30:09 - Dalai Lama says if he has a female successor, she better be good-looking. Read more. 
33:10 - Wrap-up. 
34:43 - Outro.

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