#34 - Senate Capitulation, Free Speech & Climate Change Refugees

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0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Are we going to let them pull another fast one on us? The Senate's pretend vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Read more. 
1:30 - An explanation about what is going on with the Continuing Resolution (CR) and the defunding the Planned Parenthood.
2:18 - The "Government Shutdown" is really just the suspension of non-essential services. 
3:56 - The Senate has put forth a head fake piece of legislation.
4:58 - See where YOUR Senator voted on the bill to defund Planned Parenthood. 
7:01 - Every dollar that was set to be allocated to Planned Parenthood was going to be given to other groups who provide women's healthcare. 
8:00 - One lone objector shut down the Syracuse University "Kiss Cam." What about multiple videos of multiple people committing multiple felonies - as was the case with Planned Parenthood? 
9:25 - Senator Jihadi Joe Donnelly - a quick explanation. 
10:18 - The Senate's make-believe game over defunding Planned Parenthood, continued. 
12:43 - Thank you Corky for the patriotic, hand-stitched bookmark!
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13:30 - These books were published by The Christian Defense Fund - a former non-profit in DC with whom I interned. 
16:46 - More about Planned Parenthood & the Continuing Resolution (CR).
17:45 - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going to introduce a clean CR. If this passes, we will continue funding all government (including Planned Parenthood) at current levels.
18:28 - Ted Cruz's editorial about Republican surrender. 
20:02 - The entire fight over the CR is about funding (or defunding) Planned Parenthood. So why is this the Republicans' fault? 
21:38 - Mitch McConnell and John Boehner once again show their weak leadership. 
24:22 - College Op-Ed criticizing Black Lives Matter causes a firestorm. Kudos to the University for standing up for free speech. 
27:01 - Our side is the one that says "All Lives Matter." This, by definition, also includes "Black Lives."
28:10 - Free speech is fundamental to our society.

29:12 - "Climate Change Refugee" seeks asylum in New Zealand.  
30:29 - Good for New Zealand for deporting him for this guy. 
30:53 - Forget that Kiribati is an island paradise in the South Pacific
31:06 - Where are the Liberals in this? Climate Change + Illegal Immigration = Liberal Dream. 
32:17 - Wrap-up. 
33:00 - Outro.

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