#36 - Democrat Weakness, Republican Conflict & Moral Clarity on Planned Parenthood

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0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. 
0:49 - Patrick Henry "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech. 

2:24 - Patrick Henry's opinion on the role of Christianity in America's Foundation. More quotes are available in One Nation Under God booklet (right). 
3:15 - Get a free booklet if you complete a rating & review on iTunes AND email me at Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com. 
3:50 - Where is the Hillary Clinton reset button with Russia when you need it? 
3:55 - Vladimir Putin & Barack Obama. Read article...and see picture!
5:25 - Barack Obama & Bo the dog. 

Image: Pet Pedia

Image: Pet Pedia

6:39 - Where has Hillary been lately? Where are her plans? Policies?
8:13 - We know what Hillary is going to do. She's going to continue Obama's policies. 
8:50 - Remember HillaryCare in the 90s? 
10:58 - We are still eagerly waiting for the Democrats to muster the courage to put their candidates on the debate stage. 
13:20 - Our side is asked random questions from nowhere; the Left is asked nothing. And their candidates are borderline crazy. 
15:33 - CNN is holding an open seat for Joe Biden, should he want to enter the debate
16:00 - The Party of choice (DNC) is offering us 4 old white guys and a Clinton. If Biden enters, they'll give us 5 old white guys and a Clinton. 
17:02 - The Left wants diversity of appearance but uniformity of thought. 
18:39 - If the Left can somehow convince Elizabeth Warren to run, I'd have to give it to them for finding someone who wasn't an old white guy or a Clinton. 
19:47 - October 13 is first Democrat debate.
20:25 - The DNC seems as though it's begging others to run for their presidential nomination. 
21:50 - Flashback of Obama/Romney debate. Ooops. Looks like Romney was on to something.

23:30 - Reset buttons aside, the Democrat Party is a mess. 
24:25 - Kevin McCarthy is running for Speaker of the House
25:22 - What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. 
25:37 - Kevin McCarthy as a 63% rating with Heritage Foundation
26:28 - Unity in the GOP usually means "how can we get the Conservatives to go along?"
28:22 - The American people have spoken, so it should be clear to Congress what their Republican base wants. 
29:04 - Quit throwing in the towel before the first punch is thrown. 
29:15 - Senate passes government funding bill. Lessons from this article. Or watch the below video and ask yourself if this is in anyway acceptable in a sane world. It's pure evil. 


32:49 - If you can't explain to the American people why Planned Parenthood needs defunded, you have no business having a leadership role. 
33:19 - Mitch McConnell says this funding bill option isn't in his top 23 top choices. So why not fight it? Ridiculous. 
34:23 - Wrap-up. Email me with comments, questions or thoughts: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com. 
35:06 - Outro. 

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