#37 - Planned Parenthood & the "Government Shutdown"

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Losing your health insurance at work? Private insurance too expensive. Consider the alternative that my family enjoys.

Losing your health insurance at work? Private insurance too expensive. Consider the alternative that my family enjoys.

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. Holiday season not too far away. 
1:01 - One Party is getting into the heart of the presidential nomination season. 
1:34 - Some days are just not working in your favor...
4:52 - Today, September 30, is the last day before the "impending government shutdown."
5:39 - We know that Republican Leadership is prepared to continue funding the government as-is & NOT defund Planned Parenthood.
6:30 - The Republicans play defense all the time. They are never on offense, and we never communicate well. 
7:32 - And those that do try to play offense, like Ted Cruz, get criticized. See Rand Paul's comments about Ted Cruz. If you want to hear more about this, check out our today's Daily Dose episode below. 

8:39 - If you use words to expose something in Congress, you're more of a villain than the person that's doing the actions that the person is telling us about. 
9:45 - If our Congressmen & Senators were sent to DC to stop Obama, as I believe they were, shouldn't the things they send to his desk be things he doesn't want to sign into law?
13:11 - We're waiting to see if the end of the world will come today...
13:50 - I commend Ted Cruz & his efforts. And I commend Rand Paul. We like his fighting side, not his side that criticizes Ted Cruz. 
14:27 - Planned Parenthood issue. Democrats refuse to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, and the Conservatives refuse to vote for something that funds it. 
14:55 - The talking points about this being about women's healthcare if preposterous. 
15:09 - Where are the men's healthcare clinics?
15:50 - Planned Parenthood is supposedly about birth control & women's health. 
16:29 - Planned Parenthood has 2 arms: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which is a 501(c)3, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a 501(c)4. A 501(c)4 is a group that can lobby lawmakers. Both are led by Cecile Richards
17:39 - Learn more about Planned Parenthood Action Fund. 
18:52 - The Planned Parenthood response to the release of the videos reminds me of something I learned in Christian Apologetics. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, the Roman & Jewish authorities didn't claim His body was still in the tomb. In fact, they accepted the premise that His body was not there. The Disciples claimed He had risen & the Roman & Jewish leaders said the Disciples stole His body. 
20:56 - Planned Parenthood seems to be taking the same approach as the Roman & Jewish leaders. They say that the tapes are doctored. They said they were set-up & the people doing the videos misrepresented themselves. Some have suggested this group (The Center for Medical Progress) is tied to violence. Watch this video to get an idea. 

21:30 - What Planned Parenthood didn't say was, "Come on in and take a look at what we're doing. We're quite proud of it."
22:20 - A report released today shows the Center for Medical Progress' Planned Parenthood videos were not edited or doctored. Everything Planned Parenthood has told us from the beginning has been a lie. 
24:24 - The Left is a master of never giving up an inch politically, and they never . Our side, on the other hand, fights with itself & gives ground all the time. 
25:48 - Who's not in favor of choice? But what happens when that choice involves the taking of another human life? 

26:38 - Chuck Schumer is allowed to opposed Iranian Deal, but that's because he knew it would pass and he needed to placate his voter base. But there were plenty of Senators, like Jihadi Joe Donnelly, willing to take up the fight for the Iranians. They're hoping we will forget. But we won't forget. 
28:42 - Morally bankrupt cultures crumble. When you start calling "evil" good, you're in the danger zone.
30:14 - A morally bankrupt group of people do the things that you see on these videos. Pure & simple. 
32:43 - If McConnell cannot defend, explain & communicate the reason to defund Planned Parenthood, he has no reason to be in leadership. 
33:00 - Wrap-up. Email me your thoughts, questions & comments: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com. Tweet us or connect with us on Facebook
33:33 - Outro. 

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