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Below today's show notes - along with links to articles discussed (and video in some cases). The time on the left shows the approximate starting point for each item listed. Links to listen to the show are listed below. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Common Sense Community!

0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Welcome
0:47 - Thank you to audience for show growth
1:55 - Email me with any questions, feedback or suggestions:
2:06 - Thank you to Brad Justus (yesterday's interview guest)
3:02 - New page on website: Show Notes
3:44 - If you listened to our interview with Brad Justus, please take our survey
4:18 - Iranian Nuclear Treaty
4:58 - Senate ratifies treaties according to Constitution of the United States.
6:47 - Obama has enough Senators to sustain his veto. Read article
7:44 - celebrates "Obama Scores Win on Iran Deal" - see screenshot of CNN homepage.
8:10 - American people are NOT winners in Iran deal. Neither is Israel nor our allies.
9:09 - John Kerry makes the case for the Treaty - but he's not helping.
11:04 - Military experts say Iran Treaty will make war more likely. Read article
11:50 - Obama taking selfies with Bear Grylls in Alaska.
See it & read article
12:53 - The world is on fire.
14:58 - Dennis Prager article about Iran & how it's like Germany, 1938, all over again. Read the article.
15:50 - Neville Chamberlain negotiates agreement (Munich Agreement) with Adolf Hilter in 1938.
17:16 - Joel Rosenberg's book: The Twelfth Imam. Get it on by or get it on during your FREE 30-day trial
19:05 - Iran is killing our soldiers. Read the article
19:40 - Neville Chamberlain was replaced by Winston Churchill. We can only hope to have the same success with Obama's successor.
21:30 - Iran has killed 6,000 gay individuals simply for being gay. 
22:57 - John Kerry grants that Iran will continue to support terrorist groups in the region - fighting us and our allies.
27:47 - More Iran lunacy.
30:13 - This Treaty will prevent war with Iran? Huh?
39:45 - America has been through hard times before - but we can get through this. 

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The Twelfth Imam
By Joel C. Rosenberg