Today's Show Notes

Below today's show notes - along with links to articles discussed (and video in some cases). The time on the left shows the approximate starting point for each item listed. Links to listen to the show are listed below. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Common Sense Community!

Sorry we went a little long today! We're off Monday, so I'm hoping you'll forgive me!

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Welcome
0:50 - No new podcast on Labor Day. We will release a new podcasts on Tuesday, September 8.
1:21 - We're in 26 states + Washington DC. Wear your State's "Common Sense Lives Here" tee with pride! Use code PODCAST1 to get 10% off and FREE shipping. Shop now
2:03 - Our more "aggressive" tees
3:30 - We now release Show Notes - which is this page!
4:32 - Upcoming interview next week or 2.
5:22 - Donald Trump signs pledge card for Republican Party. Read more.
7:08 - RNC & Republican Leaders need to sign a pledge card for us, the Conservative voter base. Share your suggestions for what can be on the pledge card on our Facebook page or tweet us your suggestions (@CommonSenseGear).
11:06 - "Ask not what Trump should do for his Party, but what the Party should do for it's Constituents."
14:19 - Latest polling data good for Donald Trump & Ben Carson. Read more
16:55 - More bad news for Hillary Clinton. Read more
18:45 - Compare & contrast Trump & Hillary...
19:42 - Hillary's redacted emails. She took more care to black out emails from oversight authorities than to keep them from the Chinese, Russians & Iranians.  Read more
20:39 - Iran prepares to overthrow Israel. Read more
22:34 - We don't acknowledge that Iran is already fighting a war with us & then we pretend that our negotiations will prevent a war that Iran announces it is preparing to fight. 
23:39 - Gwen Ifill's stupid tweet. Read more
25:20 - Joe Biden's telling comments about Iran. Hear the clip
27:02 - Kim Davis story. Read more
31:41 - The Rule of Law is being ignored in many places. 
34:22 - Religious objections. 
35:12 - Why do the activists want gay marriage
37:40 - Gay marriage is about moral equivalency. 
41:22 - Americans are free to decide what to accept or reject morally. 
43:20 - Thomas Sowell on gay marriage. Read article
49:08 - Wrap-up

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