Today's Show Notes

Below today's show notes - along with links to articles discussed (and video in some cases). The time on the left shows the approximate starting point for each item listed. Links to listen to the show are listed below. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Common Sense Community!

Sorry we went a little long today! We're off Monday, so I'm hoping you'll forgive me!

0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Special Welcome Song
1:04 - Hillary Clinton Praise Band. Read more - or just enjoy the praise team singing to Madame Hillary in the video below.


2:43 - What would Supreme Court have to say about this?
3:32 - Flashback: 2012 DNC National Platform vote (the first vote takes place at the 1:36 mark on the video)


4:06 - Email me with questions, comments or topics:
6:47 - South Carolina pastor impressed with Hillary's biblical knowledge. Read more
8:33 - Is Hillary receiving the praise or deflecting it?
9:39 - Joe Biden running for President? Read more
14:05 - My gratitude. Thank you listeners!
15:32 - Beachgoers try to save Great White Shark on beach in Cape Cod. Read more
19:47 - Other potential headlines for the shark story. 
23:30 - Kim Davis discussion.
24:46 - Kim Davis story background.
25:54 - The Rule of Law must be adhered to by all parties - including the Supreme Court.  
30:02 - Laboratories of the States (Federalism) vs. Big Federal Government: Our Founders preferred the former. 
30:48 - Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage case): Dissent of Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito & Roberts. 
Read the Court's full decision (lengthy) or see Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion (highly recommended).
37:15 - Mike Huckabee interview with George Stephanopoulos. 

37:16 - Ted Cruz interview with Megyn Kelly. 

39:55 - Laws that are not being properly enforced (Federal Marijuana Laws; Sanctuary Cities; Obamacare.)
42:36 - We capitulate too easily.
43:54 - Why is Kim Davis more "in violation of the law" than others?
44:11 - Glenn Beck & David Barton discuss Kim Davis, the law of man and the Law of God. 

44:49 - Wrap-up


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