#101 - NFL & Iowa

1st Segment: Obama's last State of the Union tomorrow. He can then go back to making NCAA picks and hitting golf shots. Old school football vs the modern NFL. Player safety. Steelers v Bengals. Vontaze Burfict, Adam Jones, Antonio Brown & Joey Porter. Donald Trump on NFL. Speed of the game as you play at higher levels. "Targeting" in the NFL. Much of America has gotten soft & has it's hand out. 

2nd Segment: Kevin McGuire tweet about Donald Trump. Trump isn't qualified to talk about NFL? By that logic, Obama isn't qualified to talk about USA. If Trump destroyed USFL, Obama destroyed America. Constitution. Iran Treaty. Executive Orders. Summer(s) of Recovery. Gas prices move toward $1/gallon. OPEC. Shale industry in America. Lottery jackpot $1.3 billion. Government is the big winner in lottery. Revenue problem? Tax burden. Limited government. Government at the gas pump. "Fair share." 

3rd Segment: I love to hear from you. Email is todd@theantidotetoliberalism.com. Twitter handle is @CommonSenseGear. Iowa Caucus is February 1st - only 3 weeks from today. Ted Cruz & Donald Trump. Ground game in Iowa. Are the Republicans headed toward a brokered convention? GOP nomination process. What will Delegates do if no one wins nomination outright on first vote? Fight for heart & soul of GOP. Iowa GOP: Cruz - 28%; Trump 24%. Iowa DNC: Hillary - 48%; Sanders - 45%; O'Malley - 5%. Sanders leads Clinton in New Hampshire.