#102 - A Criminal, a Socialist or a Heartthrob?

1st Segment: Great College Football Championship game. Alabama v Clemson. Obama's last State of the Union Address tonight. CNN admits it's all about Obama. Obama is out of control. And Republicans in Congress are complicit. Obama is a narcissist. The American people make this country work - not Obama or the government. Is it possible Hillary isn't Democrat nominee? Can Bernie win nomination? Tightening race in Iowa, New Hampshire & nationwide. Moderate Democrats for Bernie the Socialist? Modern Democrat Party = Socialism. Hillary's "Fair Share Surcharge" on the wealthy. Hillary & Bernie share many of the same ideas. 

2nd Segment: More on Democrat race. What if Bernie wins both Iowa & New Hampshire. DNC pandemonium. Wealthy Democrat voters and Democrat establishment are not ready to nominate a self-proclaimed Socialist. Corrupt Hillary: FBI to investigate possible public corruption charges. The more people learn about Hillary, the less appealing she becomes. What are the "Reagan" or "Blue Dog" Democrats to do here? A Potential Criminal, a Socialist & a Heartthrob are running for a President! Worse than Watergate. I guess Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley's 6-pack is better than Hillary in an orange jumpsuit. Whispers of Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren...again. Democrats & rules. 

3rd Segment: Twitter fool. Connect with me there. Republican debate Thursday. Main stage: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Christie & Kasich. Carly & Rand moved to other stage. A dwindling field. Republicans have a wide variety of candidates. So-called Democrat Party of choice is giving us 2 old white guys and a Clinton. Cruz's Citizenship questions. Trump is playing "Born in the USA" at rallies now. American culture. Story of woman at Wal-Mart that is full of Democrat talking points.