#103 - American Weakness is Provocative

1st Segment: There was a time when a President could get hostages released from Iran when making a speech. Iranian Hostage Crisis. Jimmy Carter's weakness. Iran released hostages the very day Reagan was inaugurated as President. Distored Liberal view of cause & effect. Iran confiscates US Navy boats & takes 10 sailors hostage, but released them. Territorial waters. Democrat corruption & their lack of credibility. Do we believe Obama Administration or Iran? Islamic Republic of Iran is the 100% antithesis of the United States. Maybe this was a new Obama Government Program to help out the less fortunate Iranian Navy? American weakness is provocative. 

2nd Segment: Obama's State of the Union speech. Really a lecture. Chastising us on political civility. Nikki Haley. Scolds us not to identify others based on race, ethnicity, gender, etc. The Democrats build their entire strategy on dividing Americans in this way. Elizabeth Warren is 1/32 Native American? The Left prefers the Government over the individual & thinks the Government is the solution to everything. What we did not hear was what makes America great: the ideas set forth in the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. Bill of Rights. The Constitution deferred to the Constitution & the States - not the Federal Government. Joe Biden to cure cancer. Obama wants next President to protect his legacy. 

3rd Segment: Obama's biggest regret. Sophistry. America delivered Liberty & Prosperity like the world has never known. America broke the mold of other governments, which always led to poverty, misery & tyranny. If we erode what made America different, how can we maintain our society & way of life? American foundational principles must be defended vigilantly. Obama didn't talk about these things. The president should be Liberty's biggest cheerleader & communicator. Obama also didn't share the cost of his new promises. Current US Debt is $18,880,575,800,000+, and 2/3 of Federal Budget is for Entitlement Programs & Interest on Debt. Military spending is often blamed, but it accounts for only 15-17% of budget - and it is actually one of the things the Constitution says the Government should actually do. Why not just outlaw cancer, war & death if it's that easy? GOP leaders need to wake up, grow up & toughen up so that they can stop Obama.