#104 - Superficiality, Truth & the War on Terror

1st Segment: American weakness is provocative. Iran parades our sailors in front of TV cameras. Captain apologizes & says Iranians were wonderful. What if US detained Iranians? Chinese? Russians? This is what happens when American weakness is portrayed around the world. Muslim invasion of Europe. Muslim rape, called Taharush. If we usher in refugees without knowing anything about them, we are welcoming this to the United States. This puts the women in our lives at true risk. This is what a war on women looks like. Live to Tell TV show. Fighting ISIS & the ugly truth. 

2nd Segment: Republicans debate again tonight - and Democrats remain in hiding. Don't blame them. Down to 7 on the stage: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Christie & Kasich. Carly & Rand moved to early stage. Only 18 days until Iowa Caucus. Fireworks tonight? Jeb attacks the height of Marco Rubio. Superficial reasons for voting for a candidate, like Obama in 2008. King Saul & King David. Samuel anoints David King of Israel. David was minding his own business. Not a lifetime politician. Not giving speeches. David was a warrior, not a metrosexual. David wasn't giving lectures to the Israelites about gun control. David was a "man after God's own heart." Which candidates have what it takes to be President, and which (like Hillary) focus on the outward appearance? Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley. Bernie Sanders is all about the failed idea of Socialism. Which candidates have the wisdom, belief in the Constitution, strength & Conservatism required to be a successful President? Iran released hostages the very day Reagan took Office. 

3rd Segment: Terrorist attack in Jakarta, Indonesia. Until we get tough & serious about stopping those intent on delivering terrorism, things will only get worse. And even then, you cannot stop all terrorism. New prospective Cornell University organization. ISIS training camp instructor is just like a coach? Appalling & idiotic. Just teaching technique? Does this qualify as a fit program for Michelle Obama?