#105 - Moving Toward Iowa

1st Segment: Did Democrats take notes last night? Dems debate Sunday. I'm just surprised they're not debating on Super Bowl Sunday or at 2am. Dems down to 2 old white guys and a Clinton. Stage to be filled with a potential Criminal, a hardcore Socialist & an apparent sex symbol. Republican debate. Very good overall. Kasich & Bush have major problems. Bush cites experience, but voters are mad & anti-incumbent. Jeb lacks charm of W. Can Bush keep campaign alive or have his donors moved on? Trump v Cruz. Cruz was fantastic, but some will think he lost the exchange with Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio was fired up and energetic last night. Rubio v Cruz. Marco & Gang of 8. John McCain & Lindsey Graham. Trump's best performance? Cruz, Rubio, Trump all did well. Bush & Kasich did very poorly. Carson & Christie had moments, but didn't shine brightest. Ben Carson. 

2nd Segment: Countdown to Democrat debate. Oh boy...can't wait. A little more on Ben Carson. Trump v Cruz: national born citizen issue. Trump didn't clearly dominate this exchange as he normally does. Trump & Cruz fight doesn't feel as intense & personal as the other fights we've seen with Trump. Cruz on Trump's eligibility. Both Cruz & Trump offer one another position of VP! New York values. Trump was flabbergasted. September 11. Mayor Bill de Blasio. Will people side with Rubio or Cruz on their disagreements? Will Left take Cruz to Court if he's the nominee? Laurence Tribe. The Left is desperate. 

3rd Segment: I didn't watch the pre-debate, debate. Behind-the-scenes information about our show. A change in my recording schedule. No significant change to when you can listen, but the show will be (and has been) posting a few hours later than it originally did. Format may slightly change because of syndication possibilities. Iran story has more to it. More interviews on this show moving forward.