#106 - Chris Matthews Is Wrong

1st Segment: Did Hillary Clinton take a position with the ATP and not tell anyone? Tennis scandal. Democrat debate. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley ignored on stage. Free advice for O'Malley to reach the superficial Left. Watched 13 Hours over the weekend. Imagine if Leftists made the movie. Democrat Debate was Socialism unhinged. Talking points & socialistic issues. Debt free tuition - huh? Iranian prisoner swap. 

2nd Segment: Global warming welcomed in Indiana for the next few days. Healthcare is not a "right" comparable to our Constitutional Liberties. Bernie Sanders makes it clear that wants single-payer. The Nutty Professor acknowledges many of the same problems with Obamacare that Conservatives do, but he thinks we need MORE government whereas Conservatives know we need much, much less. Why do Socialists question everything big business does but nothing big government does? Imperfect people mean problems exist everywhere - and when we eliminate choice we empower big government. Twitter response to me: "Big government is your problem, not mine." Very bad way of looking at things. Importance of free choice. 

3rd Segment: Hillary Clinton. "Too big to fail." Banks & financial crisis of 2008. Audacity: Hillary said no one should be too powerful to jail! Unbelievable. Hillary's fake followers on Twitter. Her Twitter followers are 41% unauthentic. That number is lower than I expected come to think of it! This debate was a 3-ring circus and a complete sideshow. Proof that there is no difference between Democrats & Socialists. Socialist Bernie Sanders is perfectly at home in Democrat Party.