Are we supposed to believe that all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Nancy Pelosi decides impeachment is divisive?

We've had to listen about fantasies of impeachment almost the day after Trump won the election in 2016. I mean, we have to account for about a week of hosting cry-ins, screaming at the universe and organizing adult coloring book parties, but you know what I mean. 

As soon as they dried their tears in November of 2016, the Radical Left started clammoring about Russia and impeachment. 

Sure, some were quicker to run with it than others, but nonetheless, it's been definitely not new. 

And it's always been divisive.

So why stop the talk now? 

Well, it's quite simple: she can't get any more political capital out of this. And pursuing it seriously now that they have power in Congress risks alienating an electorate who, quite frankly, have had enough of this.

Do you think she'd think it was "worth it" if she could get any more political capital out of it? 

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