#107 - Boycotts, Bans & Politics

1st Segment: Boycotting the Oscars. Spike Lee & Jada Pinkett Smith. Average Americans, race & racism in modern America. Martin Luther King, Jr's dream of being judged by content of character, not color of skin. Politics of race. Hollywood socialists. Republicans passed Civil Rights Act of 1964 & abolished slavery. Conservatives want all to aspire to greatness & success - regardless of race or any other superficial measure. Opportunity & Liberty as Americans. Success is often based on resolve & willpower more than talent & knowledge. Created in God's image. The Left is obsessed with race, not Conservatives. Black Health Matters protestors in San Francisco. Gas prices plummet. Will this lead to a new wave of refugees?

2nd Segment: Show format modifications in preparation for possible syndication. Democrat & Republican candidates discuss much different issues. Debt free tuition? Banning Donald Trump from the UK? My blanket statement. Refugees rape & stone women in Europe. Muslim professor says Muslim men can, under Islam, legally rape foreign women during times of war. Real war on women. Europe refugees are creating utter chaos. 

3rd Segment: Feedback is welcome. Donald Trump v Ted Cruz. Fight for Republican nomination. Carson fans got mad at me for saying Trump has emboldened Republican candidates. Cruz & Carson have always been principled & outspoken, but Trump has further emboldened them by going on full-fledged offense. Will Bush's money run out? Natural Born Citizenship. Trump calls Cruz "nasty." Cruz & Carson similarities. Trump's donation to Rahm Emanuel. Cruz challenges Trump on eminent domain & immigration. Iowa is February 1.  Most Googled search.