#108 - Choosing Sides

1st Segment: Some big names are choosing sides now. Michael Moore has officially boycotted the Oscars. Former Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress responds to Jada Pinkett Smith's Oscar boycott. Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump for President. Ted Cruz responds with grace. Why does Palin support Trump instead of Cruz, or even Carson? Donald Trump & "Going Rogue" mentality. Is Palin interested in VP or Cabinet? Does it make Trump appear more Conservative? Does it make him more appealing to Conservative Christian base? Government problems are so deeply rooted that it is going to take a relentless leader to change it. 

2nd Segment: My major mistake at the end of the first break. More bad news surrounding Hillary Clinton's emails & national security. Oops. Iran is engaged in an epic, never ending battle with America & the West. This intelligence that Hillary is playing fast & loose with could get (or could have gotten) someone killed. What if a corporation did this? Hillary's defenders sound like Michael Scott from The Office. Hillary should be prosecuted. 

3rd Segment: More about HIllary Clinton (ugh) ... If elected President, Hillary Clinton may not have the credentials necessary to attend her own national security meetings. Head transplants? Maybe this would help cure Liberalism? Town in Italy shuts down wifi service for health concerns. A couple of science stories from an "anti-science climate change denier."