#109 - War on Christians

1st Segment: Studies have shown 2 weeks of listening can stop & even reverse the negative effects of Liberalism. Donald Trump on CNN with Don Lemon. "2 Corinthians". Common in Europe? Chaos & Socialism is common in Europe. "With All Due Respect" host asked Trump to name his favorite Bible verse. Same gang who asked Cruz about his Cuban heritage. Red flag or no big deal? Open Doors says 2015 was the most violent year against Christians in modern history. Communism & Radical Islam. Left ignores Christian persecution because they defend Communism/Socialism & Islamic Extremism. Monotheism, Polytheism & Trinitarianism. Islam & Christianity. Nothing to do with religion? 

2nd Segment: Big NFL games this weekend. Patriots v Broncos and Cardinals v Panthers. Disney on Ice. Antwaan Randel El says football will be gone in 20-25 years. Companies come & go. Nations can fall. Industries radically change. Christian persecution continued. The Left will tell us this has nothing to do with religion. The Left is more concerned with the fantasy crisis of climate change than with the real crisis of Islamic Extremism & Christian persecution. College millennial views. 10% of college graduates think Judge Judy is on Supreme Court. 

3rd Segment: George Soros, refugees & Europe. Norway offering seminar to refugees on rape & sexual assault. They've attended the seminar - problem solved! Rape & sexual assault is not a cultural issue. It is absolutely immoral at all times, in all cultures and with all people. These are violations of God's moral law, not innocent misunderstandings. Absurd.