#110 - War for GOP

1st Segment: War for GOP highlighted by National Review article. Politics & Religion. Lifelong politicians. Presidency. Congress. Supreme Court. Big Government is primarily a dream of the Left, but there are Republicans with same tendencies. They are not Conservative. Fight for control of Party. GOP vs Establishment vs Non-Ideological Outsiders. Lifelong politicians create clique. Snowstorm/blizzard on East Coast, DC. Don't go to DC to make friends. Implementing Conservative principles in DC takes a strong, dedicated leader. The case against Donald Trump. Many popular Conservative thought-leaders put name to article. There are big Conservative names who have endorsed Trump, namely Sarah Palin & Ann Coulter. Not all differences of opinion disqualifies someone from being a Conservative. Bob Dole for Jeb Bush. The battle rages as we quickly approach the Iowa Caucus. What effects does this debate have on the nomination? 

2nd Segment: NFL Conference Championship weekend. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. Cardinals travel to play Carolina Panthers. More on National Review article. Trump is a good campaigner who knows how to excite & motivate a crowd. But is Trump a Conservative? Writers argue he's not because of his past positions on abortion, healthcare & taxes. Immigration inconsistencies? Trump for Amnesty? Deportation & amnesty by default: what other option is there? 100% deportation? American history regarding deportation. Legitimate role of Federal Government. Building a wall & securing the border. ISIS crossing southern border? Iraq's oil. There are legitimate concerns with Trump, but some are not very strong. A phony Conservative could undo much of the progress the Tea Party & Conservatives have made in American politics. Jihadi Joe Donnelly. Communicating with an audience vs having depth & substance. Does Trump have both or just the former? Winning is an anathema to liberty? Leadership is not transferrable? The fight is good. More engaged voters today on Conservative side than at any point in decades. Critical decision.