#111 - Be a Conservative Doer

1st Segment: Democrats come out of hiding to take town hall stage on CNN. Bloomberg for President? Soda Pop. New York Values. Bizarre election cycle so far. A possible criminal. A hardcore socialist. A sex symbol. Too many candidates to count. Natural born citizen. Trump factor. Emails. Bernie Sanders starting to sound like Donald Trump. Can't wrap my mind around idea that Hillary may be indicted. Robert Gates: It's more likely than not that the Russians, Iranians & Chinese have classified US information from Hillary's bathroom server. Iowa is one week from today. Last minute town hall meeting. Baltimore. Last chance for Democrats to buy off their voter base. 

2nd Segment: NFL Championship weekend. Broncos over Patriots. Panthers over Cardinals. Fourth Super Bowl for Peyton Manning. First Super Bowl for Cam Newton. Super Bowl 50. A good sermon yesterday. The Disciples Peter & John. "Silver & gold I do not have." Acts 4:12. A new boldness in the men who fled in fear when Jesus was arrested. High on knowledge, low on wisdom. The physical universe makes us put what we believe in our heads into action. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. How do we put feet to our Conservative beliefs? Format change for possible radio syndication. 

3rd Segment: Moving from intellectual to the practical. Church seminars. The Purpose Driven Life. Financial Peace. Dave Ramsey. Checking it off. Bonhoeffer was one who acted, not just intellectually studied. Would Bonhoeffer be attending seminars today or opposing big government? We all have a sphere of influence, so influence it! Every time government grows, Liberty dies a little bit. But it sometimes dies A LOT! The stoning of Stephen. 

Final Segment: JDot is returning tomorrow with a new 3-in-3. We're working on a new parody song. Remember Jihadi Joe?