#113 - Politics According to Trump

1st Segment: Have you ever seen anything like this - politically speaking? There are 2 opposing forces in the GOP regarding Donald Trump. US faces a host of major problems. Some think Trump is the right solution to the problems; others fear he will further destroy Constitutional Conservatism. China in US waters. ISIS plans special forces style attacks in Europe. Illegal immigration across southern border. Terrorism. Analysis only here. Trump's temperament & approach. Tea Party online community. Big disagreement between many Conservatives & GOPers. Both sides are entrenched. In general, neither is really engaged in persuading, but rather in insulting. The fact that we're engaged enough to fight is good. US federal debt approaches $19,000,000,000,000. Unfunded liabilities. Term limits & just treating the symptom. Varying viewpoints on Donald Trump. I will argue for conservatism & strong, unstoppable leadership. Some people disqualify Ted Cruz because of birther issue & the fact that he's actually been serving in DC. 

2nd Segment: Changing podcast host. This may re-release all of our previous episodes. Only way to make older episodes available is if I do it this way. Listen on SoundCloud. Please be consider "liking" our podcast. Trump spokesman says Trump definitely not participating in Fox News debate. The appeal of Trump to his audience. Trump is rarely harmed by these sorts of things. Is this different? Does this decision play into his brand? If you're going to attack Trump for not participating in debate, don't say he's scared of Megyn Kelly. Attack him for being a hot-headed, bad decision-maker who isn't fit to be President. The GOP nomination is a monumental decision. 

3rd Segment: Summary of Trump decision to boycott debate. Differentiates him from field. Dominates news. Is this a sideshow or a display of what's needed in DC? When the dust settles after the immediate fallout over a Trump comment or action, support often trickles his way. Was he worried about possibly losing Iowa to Ted Cruz? Trump spin. Excuse if he loses Iowa? Trump likely to win NH & he holds a big lead nationally. Winning. Criticizers shouldn't use the word "afraid" when talking about Trump. Is this childish? Most importantly, does it hurt him? 

Final Segment: Wrapping up. Iowa Caucus is Monday. Trump has had a positive effect on primary, but there are definite concerns & questions about him. We need someone who is able to radically change DC - but the change must be toward Constitutional Conservatism. 

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