#114 - An Empty Podium

1st Segment: DeLorean to be sold again. Politics & Back to the Future. Fox News, Donald Trump & black eyes. Fox News statement. Roger Ailes. Has this backfired on Fox News? This is not how you stop Donald Trump, if that's your objective. A better strategy. Trump isn't weak; a much better argument can be made. Why is Fox News trying to support or oppose any candidate?: they are a news provider History of media monopoly. Fox News has some fantastic journalists: Catherine Herridge & Jennifer Griffin, for example. Trump is not weak or afraid; address the content of what he says or past positions, etc. Trump supporters stand united behind him. The first debate was an attack on all candidates - not just Trump. Fox News wanted to show they weren't pro-Republican. GOP candidates have answered a wide variety of questions. By contrast, Democrats give us their silly Town Hall. Questions prepared by CNN? Clinton campaign staffers? Just one, just one! Democrats: which of you is better looking & why? Empty podium?

2nd Segment: Behind-the-scenes information about show. Changing podcast host. May re-release old episodes. My apologies. Daily Dose history. Starting releasing those again. Listen here. Candidates at tonight's debate should not make it about Trump. Make their own final arguments for Iowans' votes. Trump will spin the debate with his built-in press coverage. What's the result of his absence for Iowa Caucus-goers? Iowa Caucus on Monday. Trump on O'Reilly Factor. Trump not answering Roger Ailes' calls. Turn the other cheek? Bad line of questions & analogies. Easier to paint Trump as a reactionary hot-head than a guy who's weak & afraid. 

3rd Segment: Cam Newton. Reputation in the NFL. Why isn't he liked by some? I really grew to like him over the past few years. Show boat or entertainer? I think his style is all in good fun. But Newton brings up racism as a possible reason for his being disliked. The vast majority of NFL fans don't care about the race of players. 

Final Segment: Climate change or El Nino? Yes. Blizzard. Unprecedented storms require unprecedented records. 

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