#96 - New Year, Same Problems

1st Segment: Happy New Year! 100th episode is scheduled to release Friday. Changing podcast host. Could mean all old episodes show up as new shows. Apologies in advance. Daily Doses set to return. King/Dictator Obama plans to act unilaterally (read unconstitutionally) on gun control. Obama to use his cell phone & pen. National Rifle Association. We currently have background checks on gun purchases. 13 out of 86,000. 

2nd Segment: Obama is ready to hit the ground running in 2016. Uh-oh. Koko the Gorilla chastises us for destroying the planet. Does Koko the Gorilla really sound any more ridiculous than the other Democratic candidates. Women in Japan flock to see hunky gorilla. Koko the Gorilla may have a future in Democrat politics. Saudi Arabia & Iran. Iran continues to act provocatively (surprise). Fires missile near US aircraft carrier in Strait of Hormuz. Iran Deal in the background of all of this. Thank you Jihadi Joe Donnelly. 

3rd Segment: Company seeks to resurrect the dead - and eventually prevent death. Not exactly what God says (Hebrews 9:27). We often place self limitations on ourselves. But there are legitimate limitations - like death. Breaking the 4 minute mile. The Tower of Babel. Man with bionic penis. Our government has no idea how many foreign visitors overstay their visas. Oregon protestors against government.