#97 - Emperor Obama Has Spoken

1st Segment: Emperor Obama's decree. The 1% targeted again. Gun myths. Gun show loophole. Current background checks stopped 86,000 purchases, but only 13 offenders were pursued. Evil in gun violence. Who is hurt by Obama's edict? Straw purchases. If this doesn't fix it (and it won't), the Left will argue that we need more legislation. Carry a handgun. 

2nd Segment: Episode #97 - our 100th episode will be released on Friday. President Obama is acting unconstitutionally because the Republicans are unwilling to stop him due to fear of charges of racism - and general weakness. Our Constitutional Republic was not built to work like this. Second Amendment, Article I & Article II of the Constitution. Separation of Powers. Exclusive roles of Congress and President. Historical perspective of America. Oppression, tyranny, poverty are the norm of the world throughout history. Paul Ryan's comments. Obama is 100% out-of-control. What motivates Congress? Lifetime politicians. Washington Cartel. Donald Trump: "I will unsign that so fast."

3rd Segment: On the road to ultimate Gun Control Nirvana for the Left. What other problems could Obama end with the stroke of a pen? - SHARE YOUR IDEAS by email todd@theantidtotetoliberalism.com or tweet me @CommonSenseGear. Iran & Saudi Arabia blamed, in part, on Iran Nuclear Deal. Thank you, Jihadi Joe Donnelly & 40 other Democrat Senators, for setting the Middle East up as an explosive tinder box.